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Why is it so hard to get a quote for wedding receptions? Are caterers just charging more because it’s a wedding? Well, as you’re probably beginning to find out, there are a million different details that go into making the day perfect. That means that we have to ask you a LOT of questions before we know what you need. Do you want us to set your tables or does Great Aunt Susie have her heart set on doing it? What kind of cooking facilities do we have to work with, etc? Can you afford extra linen overlays for contrast and a more luxurious look? Sometimes putting together an accurate, detailed quote that truly reflects the customers needs can take hours or even days, especially if specialty items are desired. Having said all this, we have put together some sample menus that represent some popular and well received weddings that we have done in the past. Please keep in mind that additional charges may apply based on your specific needs, but the main areas of your quote will be:

  1. Food – Most events we do are buffet style, and most couples want to offer their guest a choice of entrees (such as both chicken and beef) the problem is that most people want to try a little of both, so it’s really not recommended to order chicken for half your guests and beef for the other half.. SO what we’ve done is put together some sample menus that will offer your guests a little bit of everything. Please see some of our sample menus…The food cost will be charged on a per person basis, and we leave it up to you to decide how many to order for. There is not a different charge for children, we just ask that you make the best guess of how many people to order for, because some kids do eat quite a bit, and some really don’t.. The only exception is if it is a plated, sit down dinner, we could come up with a kids menu for that scenario that would most likely be less expensive. Another factor affecting food costs is that some items are best cooked on site and we may have to rent additional equipment to make this happen, such as portable deep fryers, ovens, or grills. (see sample menus)
  2. Labor – Here is where the cost can really vary based on how much you want us to do and how long we need to be there. In most cases, it is best if we are in place long before your guests arrive so as to avoid congestion. If we are setting tables, then we need to be there even earlier, and at the end of the night, if we brought in your rentals, then obviously we need to stay until Aunt Susie puts down that last wine glass. Many times we are on site for 8 hours or more, but this is certainly not the case with every wedding.
    (see sample menus & section on Servers on our menu links at top of page)
  3. Rentals – Every wedding is different. We’ve done many casual outdoor weddings on high quality disposables, which would be provided at no charge, or if you need rentals, we will be happy to work with Allie’s party rental here in San Marcos, on your behalf. You may choose to work with them yourselves or any other rental company you choose, but we highly recommend letting us in the process so we know we have everything we need, because we don’t want any surprises on your big day. You can reach Allies at: (760) 591-4314 and their view their online site at: Every rental item is charged for separately, so it is important to think about your specific needs and let us know, again, so there are no surprises.

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